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We provide legal services to both business and private clients on various issues and branches of Russian law, assist with accounting and tax services.

Legal Services for Business and Private Clients

Advising on Russian law, including civil law, tax law, customs law, currency exchange law, banking regulation, etc.
Contractual work, including drafting contracts, analyzing client's contracts and developing recommendations with respect to them, drafting protocols of disagreement
Participation in negotiations and support of transactions
Representation of interests in state authorities, including during inspections
Representation of interests in court, including preparation of statements of claim, analysis and drafting of legal positions, etc.
Comprehensive Business Support (Subscription Service)
Maintaining accounting and tax accounting, personnel records, payroll administration, preparation of reports.
We undertake the service of your business: legal, accounting and tax support. The package of services is individual - we take into account the scope of work and wishes of the Client.
Organization of corporate structure
Supporting mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions
Due Diligence of business and assets
Drafting corporate documentation, including articles of incorporation, corporate agreements and stock options
Accreditation of foreign representative offices and branches
Opening of branches and representative offices, registration of separate subdivisions
Reorganization and liquidation of organizations
Pre-trial settlement of corporate conflicts
Corporate Law
Commercial disputes related to debt collection, invalidation of transactions, reclamation of property and other issues
Corporate disputes related to violation of the rights of participants in business companies
Challenging decisions of state authorities, including tax disputes, intellectual property disputes, real estate disputes and other disputes
Labor disputes
Intellectual property disputes
Litigation and Arbitration
Formation of legal position, preparation of documentation on the case
Consultations on criminal and criminal procedure law issues
Appealing judicial acts in higher instances
Defense of interests in court and law enforcement agencies
Criminal Law
Support of real estate transactions, including sale and purchase agreements, lease agreements and other forms of use, valuation of acquired assets
Supporting the conclusion of sale and purchase agreements, lease agreements and other forms of land plots use
Development of contracts for design and construction of real estate objects
Analyzing risks associated with real estate acquisition
Introduction of amendments to city planning documentation
Real Estate and Construction
Protection of intellectual property — trademarks, patents, domains, copyrights and related rights
Support of transactions related to registration of intellectual property, its acquisition and alienation
Support of disputes on intellectual property protection — trademarks, patents, domains, copyrights, etc.
Development of documentation on the use of intellectual property, its alienation (license agreements, copyright agreements, R&D contracts, etc.)
Analyzing the proper registration of rights to intellectual property objects
Intellectual Property
Protection of creditor's rights: inclusion of claims in the creditor's register, challenging transactions, representation of interests at meetings of creditors
Protection of debtor's rights: development of a plan of action for pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy procedures, holding meetings of creditors, development and negotiation of settlement agreements, protection of transactions
Assisting a bankruptcy trustee
Challenging tenders: documentation, tender results, decisions of antimonopoly authorities
Support of issues related to restriction of competition — abuse of dominant position, cartel agreements and other issues
Support of state and municipal procurements
Advising on planned transactions to ensure their compliance with antimonopoly regulations
Antitrust Law
Development of a full package of documentation for employment of employees of various categories, local regulations and other documents
Verification of compliance with labor and migration law, including labor safety and personal data protection requirements.
Support during inspections by regulatory authorities
Labor and Migration Law
Drafting and reviewing contracts for maritime transportation of cargoes and leasing of watercrafts
Legal support of ship registration and sale and purchase transactions
Advising on the application of INCOTERMS, drafting and reviewing contracts based on or incorporating INCOTERMS clauses
Drafting and reviewing maritime agency agreements
Support of disputes related to compensation of losses in emergency situations
Maritime Law
Support of real estate and land purchase and sale transactions
Advising on labor and migration law issues
Protection of interests in disputes, including corporate conflicts, defense in labor disputes and consumer protection disputes, on compensation for damages (harm) and recognition of rights, representation in courts of general jurisdiction
Representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings
Advising on family and inheritance law issues, including settlement of family disputes, development of property division agreements and alimony agreements, judicial support of family and inheritance disputes, development of marriage contracts
Advising on tax issues
Services to Private Clients
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