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Oleg Ignatyev gave a seminar within the framework of the professional development program of the Russian Foundation for Educational Programs "Economics and Management"

On November 29, 2021 in Moscow, Oleg Ignatyev gave a seminar on the specifics of structuring concession projects for students of the Russian Foundation for Educational Programs' advanced training program "Economics and Management".

During the seminar, Oleg and the trainees analyzed practical aspects of preparing concession agreements (parties, rights and obligations, subject matter, terms and object), budget and tariff guarantees on return of investments, as well as settlement of issues of reimbursement of concessionaire's expenses in case of early termination of the project. In addition, certain payment mechanisms were dealt with, including minimum guaranteed income and availability fees. Together with Oleg, the trainees familiarized themselves with the guarantee of the volume of gross revenue in tariff projects, accounting for the debt obligations of the grantor (SUEs, MUEs), and also analyzed the procedure for transferring unregistered and ownerless immovable property under a concession agreement.